Terms & Conditions

I ______________________________________________ s/o ,/ w/o . d/o, c/o- __________________________________________ aged__________ years R/o_______d.no:_________ street:_________________ city /town village:________________________
Mandal/rural/urban:__________________________district_______________________ state _________________ do hereby solemnly state as follows.
    I agree with the terms and conditions of www.Sastrymarriageline.com
I am __________ I want to disclose myself or my ______ photo , address ,email, whatsapp ,facebook and other information including phone number and Aadhaar card number I am wilfully giving information true and correct for post www.sastrymarriageline.com   therefore, www.sastrymarrigaeline.com has never legally liable the transactions between of myself or my ______ and others .the transactions like whatsapp messages , e-mails , photo or photos sending/upload your information to others and others information sending/ down load to yourself, or phone talking or belonging to you self or any body . If anybody misuse / trap/ fake / un wanted communications with you or any body such person only legally liable with in your jurisdiction. www.sastrymarriageline.com is not legally liable.
2 I agree that www.sastrymarriageline.com provides an opportunity for marriage quick, easy method to parties /clients for direct interaction for mutual understanding to marriage only .hence www.sastrymarriageline.com is not legally liable.

  3] I agree terms and conditions of www.sastrymarrigeline.com wilfully I paid __________ amount to bank account/ phone pay/google pay account to www.sastrymarriage lines.com or in favour of as suggested by www.sastrymarriageline.com website acc.no:______________________ I could not demand or return back my amount already paid whatsoever in any manner from www.sastrymarriageline.com.
  4] I know that www.sastrymarriageline.com provides that displaying or disclose my photo , phone number direct talks to an opportunity to bride and groom or bride or groom family members or relatives or friends or well-wishers. If any misuse this web site or mobile app information by   unwanted calls , posts, WhatsApp posters , emails and other social media posts which are not legally liable by www.sastrymarriageline.com .

5] I agree that my family requirement or for life partner i.e., bride or groom or for marriage proposal requirement I agree to allow www.sastrymarriageline.com phone calls from both sides in such transactions like sharing of social media my or any body profile photo ,information sharing to others i.e., whatsapp , facebook , emails etc in any other manner or whatsoever in www.sastrymarriageline.com or its personnel is not liable. I could not take any legal action against www.sastrymarriageline.com
That I wilfully agree the above said terms and conditions agreed and wilfully follows the terms and conditions by worth on affidavit